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Bamboo made headlines once again last week, on the front page of the L.A.Times California section (Mon. June 18). Craig Calfee, who owns a bike shop in Santa Cruz, CA has been building bamboo bicycles — some 91 of them now — for about ten years. This week he’s heading to Ghana, where he intends to share his retro-revolutionary idea with West Africans scourged by poverty but blessed with an abundance of bamboo. The strength and simplicty of the Bamboo Bicycle is a boon to the Third World, but Calfee is no simple, third-rate cyclist. He’s built two-wheelers for such cycling greats as Greg LeMond.

The article goes on to espouse the many more virtues of bamboo, its versatility, sustainability, and so on and so forth. Things you probably know all about if you’ve made it this far. And if not, then by all means, read on. And then stop by Bambu Batu to see and feel the delicious softness of our eco-friendly bamboo clothing.

Big Bambu Batu kudos to Craig Calfee for his humanitarian spirit and biodynamic ingenuity!