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Bambu Batu is moving out of Grover Beach and up to downtown SLO. As of Nov. 1st we will be at 1127 Broad St., right next to Big Sky Cafe.And to prove that moving up can be just as much fun as getting down, I’ve written this little Limerick:

Rednecks rush out to the sand dunes of GroverBreaking their limbs when their buggies roll over&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp An egregious offense&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp With no common senseThey might as well bulldoze the White Cliffs of Dover

On a more serious note, I also sent this letter to the Grover Beach Dept of Community Development, kindly encouraging them to change their ways in order to sooner realize the immense potential of this quirky little beach town we call Grover:

To whom it may concern:

As a homeowner and business owner in the offbeat community of Grover Beach, I admire the city’s efforts to bring about a badly needed facelift. In recent years they have striven to revitalize commerce by adding stop lights and erecting traffic medians along West Grand Avenue. And again this month there has been great talk of mixed use projects at the corners of Grand and 4th Street and Grand and Highway One, including ambitious plans for hotels, retail, and residential development.

Despite their good intentions, however, all of these big ideas will be in vain so long as Grover Beach remains the only city in California to continue allowing off-road vehicles on its pristine dunes and beaches. As long as Oceano and Grover Beach condone and support this activity, which is detrimental both to the environment and to human life (such as the 4-year-old boy who was run over and killed this summer and barely made the news), the Grand Avenue corridor will never be anything but an extension of this off-road playground, and the only businesses that will thrive will be those which cater to the dune buggie crowd, namely ATV rentals and fast food chains. Any other businesses which try to offer something thoughtful or eclectic will be as doomed as the endangered plover, and local residents will remain inundated with fried cheeseburgers, monster truck exhaust and t-shirts emblazoned with “Grover Bee-atch.”

It is for this precise reason that I am terminating my commercial lease on West Grand Avenue and relocating my specialty shop to downtown San Luis Obispo on the first of November.