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What to wear this Halloween . . . Of course, Bam-BOO is the official plant of Halloween. So why not dress for comfort, style and sustainability – all at once. Treat yourself right, without all the Tricks.

The Dia de los Muertos t-shirt (pictured above) is one of dozens of new designs by the Arbor Collective of Southern California, all printed on uber-comfy bamboo fabric, and always available at Bambu Batu in downtown SLO.

Stop by this week and say “boo” to see and feel for yourself.

The new baby onesies from Dreamsacks: Baby tested, Grandpa approved.

When only the very best will do, do the bamboo. Because sometimes you just can’t settle for anything less.

We don’t ordinarily cover topics like this in our Bambu Batu blog, but seeing how it is an issue of some local interest, and as one of our customers from out of the area had requested more details, I decided to go ahead and share my thoughts with the rest of the cyber globe.

Central Coast Wines in downtown SLO announced this week in its newsletter a special offer on the Opera Prima ’08 Tempranillo. At just $7 a bottle, this Spanish import not surprisingly raised a few eyebrows. I generally prefer to buy local when possible, but when it comes to culinary endeavors, I’m always eager to stray off the well-worn vineyard, so I picked up a bottle this evening, and these are my thoughts on the subject.

As I probed for a little background or perhaps a short forecast of what to expect from the bargain bottle, the clerk in the wine shop gave the impression that he would never touch a $7 bottle of wine with a ten-foot espada, but that if he were forced at gun point to drink such an unsavory libation, this is the one he would chose. I was sold.

The 2008 Opera Prima Tempranillo, bottled in La Mancha Spain by J. Garcia Carrion, does indeed deliver everything you could ask for and more from a $7 bottle of vino. Light and refreshing, this deeply tinted vintage dances across the palate like a mariposa in heat, at once delicate and provocative, leaving an aria of fruity tenor in its wake. And yet it wields the puissance to knock you down like a proverbial windmill.

The crisp decoction performs superbly on its own, but I can also attest to the fact that it pairs quite nicely with seasonal ratatouille. As a vegetarian, I could never recommend matching this wine with red meat, but I might try ingesting a glass with a plate of fish, because I think that’s what Jesus would do. (San Luis Fish & BBQ on Marsh Street actually has some great local swordfish right now, but that’s a story for another time.)

Another step for bamboo, another leap for mankind. Bambu Batu is electrified to introduce a new line of men’s and women’s bamboo fashions from Arbor Collective of Venice Beach California.

Since 1995, Arbor has been using sustainable materials to develop cutting edge products for the surf, skate and snowboard industry. In the words of co-founder Bob Carlson, “The mission is to deliver performance, durability, and style in the most responsible way possible. The result must be quality and reduced environmental impact.”

The Arbor philosophy is a perfect fit for Bambu Batu, and we’re sure you’ll find their stylish line a sportswear a perfect fit for your active lifestyle. This week, take home a fresh new Arbor t-shirt or pair of bodacious board shorts, and receive a free gift from Bambu Batu, while supplies last.