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When it comes to strength and resilience, few things on earth rival the grace and splendor of the mighty bamboo. Excepting possibly the master yogi.

And among master yogis, few can match the talent and panache of Simon Park, who has trained under such living legends as Shiva Rae and Dharma Mittra. Having fine-tuned his body to operate like a well-oiled super hero, master Simon can withstand seemingly insurmountable pressure and balance in the most precarious of positions, always bending and never breaking.

Our highest accolades to Mr. Park. If there were a Bambu Batu Hall of Fame, you would surely straddle both walls.

Upon turning 100 days old, the world’s youngest (in captivity) Giant Panda Bear has now been christened. Born August 5th at the San Diego Zoo, the son of Bai Yun (Chinese for White Cloud) will henceforth be known as Yun Zi (Son of Cloud).

Weighing in at a whopping 4 ounces at birth, Yun Zi now measures a whole 10 pounds – mostly hair I think.

For more info or to see some super cute video footage, visit the San Diego Zoo.

STORY UPDATE: Croce’s Pizza turned out to be a very short-lived business venture, even by downtown SLO standards. After a few whirlwind months the restaurant vanished – virtually overnight – under a cloud of mystery, and some might even say ignominy.

As buyers of baked goods bemoan the breakdown of Boston Bagels, and local lovers of low-impact luncheons lament the loss of Pizza Fusion, a new selection has surfaced for SLO snackers in search of salubrious sustenance.

Enter Croce’s Pizzeria: just opened at 1127 Broad St., formerly Boston Bagels, right next door to Bambu Batu. Specializing in East Coast pies and Philly cheese steaks, they also offer a mouthwatering array of vegetarian as well as vegan and gluten-free options.

For those (and I’ve heard quite a few) who are struggling to pronounce Croce, here’s a hint: it rhymes with those glutinous little balls of Japanese ice cream, mochi. As in Jim Croce. And if you’re not familiar with Jim Croce, I’d like to a) thank you for making me feel old, b) let you know you haven’t missed much, and c) share with you this video lest there be any doubt on point b.

So come on down, grab yourself a tasty slice, and stop by the House of Bamboo to say ‘hi’ and scan the scene for some sustainable stocking stuffers!

Mathilda, our new vice president of customer relations, is delighted to announce the largest selection of bamboo and organic cotton baby garb in Bambu Batu history.

“If you want to make a difference,” Mathilda says, “you must start with the children.”

Super soft on the skin, and always easy on the earth, you can’t go wrong with Bambu Batu baby gear. “And lots of it made in the USA, just like me!”

Bamboo here now.

There has never been a more important time to examine the potential of alternative natural resources.

And there has never been a more viable, versatile and readily renewable resource than bamboo.

BAMBOO NOW — a non-partisan coalition of business owners, academics, climate experts and agriculture leaders — is positioned to unlock the potential of bamboo, to begin growing commercially in the U.S., to combat global warming and create thousands of new green jobs.

Take action now, stay informed, and let your voice be heard.