A Polarizing Topic

So, imagine you’re sleeping. I mean really sleeping. Deep, awesome, post burger kind of sleep. And you wake up, and suddenly your whole apartment complex has turned into an oil refinery. That happened this week, to a very confused polar bear and her baby cub.

In Alaska’s north slope, a mama bear awoke from hibernation with her cub to find that the world around her had been transformed to a construction zone for and oil refinery (Read: environment destroying machine).  It’s these instances that remind us that we are, in every way, messing with our ecosystems. Polar bears have already been affected drastically from global warming. Due to the warmer temperatures, there are fewer areas of solidly frozen ocean; something that polar bears rely on to hunt. With more of their energy devoted to hunting, they have less time to focus on reproduction, and thus their population has dwindled.

Thankfully, once she was noticed, construction on the refinery ceased. One can only imagine her fear and bewilderment. If you would like to aid to the plight of the polar bear, there are several organizations you can make donations to. If you can’t afford to help in that way, do your best to save on gas, and reduce not only the effects of global warming, but the need for more refineries.


  1. Walter Heath says: April 23, 2011

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