All aboard the Bamboo Bottle bandwagon

The Bamboo Bottle Company has got eco-friendly style figured out.  Their attractive bamboo, glass and plastic reusable drink container is durable and perfect for both hot and cold liquids.  Functional as well as fashionable, the materials used in the bottle’s construction are sustainable, easy to clean, and non-toxic.  The company has put an enormous amount of thought into creating a great-looking and environmentally conscious product, and Bambu Batu is proud to have these beauties gracing our shelves!

Some cool features:

The bamboo: The exterior is made from Mao Tzu, or Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens), a fast-growing species that can reach 90ft in 9 months.  The plants are hand-harvested to allow the flowering strands to keep growing and to minimize the impact on the soil from heavy machinery.  After cutting and boiling out the sugars using equipment powered by bamboo sawdust, the sticks are dried, shaped, and pressed together to form the outside of the bottle!

As a material, bamboo is renewable, produces 35% more oxygen than most trees, and can trap 12 tons of CO2 per hectare.  Topsoil is not depleted by harvesting, and removal has little impact on wildlife.  Possessing a higher tensile strength than many steel alloys, bamboo is enormously strong.  What a great choice for durability and insulation!

The glass and plastic: The little plastic included in the construction of the bottle is BPA-free, made from food-grade materials, and dishwasher safe.  The company plans to keep improving its design so that plastic can be eliminated or replaced altogether.  The glass interior allows for a clean, fresh taste that does not leech or contaminate liquids.  Best of all, the glass cylinder can be removed and washed with ease and can be reused time after time.   Each of the components is recyclable, and ultimately they cut down on plastic and Styrofoam waste by eliminating your need for disposable beverage containers.

Conscious business practices: The Bamboo Bottle Company has partnered with several sustainable organizations that donate to charities, offset their CO2 emissions, fund biomethane projects and family farms, and use a green credit card processing company that contributes to Their blog regularly advocates for social justice, responsible commerce, and environmental causes.

Swing by Bambu Batu and pick up your Bamboo Bottle today. Drinking never felt so good!

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