Happy Bamboo Day! We promise it’s real…

Once upon a time, in Bangkok, Thailand, a group of people called The World Bamboo Organization decided it would be a good idea to declare September 18 International Bamboo Day! The purpose of this celebrated (and if you ask us, highly exciting) event on the calendar, is to increase world wide awareness about bamboo, its uses, and its contributions to a more sustainable environment.

The WBO is a group of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit institutions, and allied corporations, who have come together in the name of bamboo to educate, promote and expand this incredible plant’s potential. Originally the IBA (International Bamboo Association,) they formed in 1992 at the International Bamboo Conference in Japan.

There are many ways people will be celebrating Bamboo Day around the world this Saturday, from conventions, to design competitions, to potlucks. From Brazil to the UK, the second annual Bamboo Day will be recognized in an effort to educate and promote. But you don’t have to fly 5,000 miles to participate. Here at Bambu Batu, we will be celebrating Bamboo Day with our Grand Opening party at our new location, 1023 Broad Street. Organic wine from Lone Madrone Winery will be provided, as well as vegan cupcakes from the lovely Amy (Amy Bakes Cupcakes.) Music and fun will be had, so don’t miss it. (No pandas please.)
See you Saturday!

Song of the day “The Big Bamboo” by Shuttle Lounge

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