Be practical, go green

Being Green is not about a contest, but we could all stand to improve our green status slightly. And now there’s a website dedicated to rating your commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, as well as giving you helpful tips on how to be more green.

Susan Hunt Stevens, the founder of Practically Green, came to realize the importance of a green lifestyle when her infant son was diagnosed with serious allergies to artificial and harmful substances in his environment. It became more than a lifestyle, it became a mission — a mission that drove her to obtain her masters degree in sustainable design.

The aim of Practically Green is to make eco living not only a commonplace convention, but a simpler practice for your average bear. They strive to help those who are trying to be greener, while connecting them to the companies who want to reach them.

You can take the green assessment on their website, get a score on your eco-performance, and receive helpful hints and newsletters about the green industry. I took the test and received a 6 out of 10. I was “solidly green”, but I know I can do better. We all can. Check em out! Then, when you realize you need to be using more sustainable products, pesticide-free clothing and reusable travel utensils, come in and see us!



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