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Bamboo compost pail

Witness and be a part of the unending cycle of life with your very own kitchen scraps. And our new Bamboo Compost Pail will help you do it in style. This handsome piece includes enhanced counter-top intelligence, with a plastic inside liner that can be easily removed and washed by hand or with the energy-saving dishwasher of your choice. Expect to see them at Bambu Batu no later than the first week of June. Call or stop by the shop for availability.

*UPDATE* Bamboo Compost Pails are now in stock!

Collect your kitchen scraps in this handsome 3.25-quart countertop compost pail. Thoughtfully designed with a removable liner and dual charcoal filters in the lid that keep odors contained. The removable liner also has a handle for easy washing and convenient transport to outdoor compost bin.

bamboo in mexico

Ever have a hard time getting to the bathroom in a foreign country? Sometimes they can be devilishly camouflaged, like this lavatory near Atitlan, Mexico. My brother found it just in time.

The bamboo in Mexico is resplendent, but finding a bathroom can be priceless!


Before you get to the snarky comment below, allow me to correct myself. This priceless photo actually comes from Panajachel at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. In those days, my brother used to travel extensively in Mexico. He was in the folk art business.

At times, no one really knew where he was. He spent long periods of time in the deep jungles of Chiapas, fraternizing with the Zapatistas. And once in a while he would hop over the border to Guatemala. The Central American highlands have always been a good place to source exotic wood carvings and unusual, artisanal masks.

It must have been on once such excursion that he found himself in a thick grove of bamboo canes and manmade bamboo structures. There he was, communing with nature, when suddenly nature called upon him. Conveniently enough, the bamboo bathroom was there too, and for once, my brother turned out to be in the right place, at the right time.

This was a classic stroke of serendipity, the kind of thing we bamboo lovers live for. Perhaps there’s more bamboo in Guatemala and southern Mexico that we don’t even know about. If so, it seems to be pretty poorly advertised, like a lot of things in an overgrown jungle of an underdeveloped country. So please let us know if you come across any.

In the meantime, if it’s an unforgettable, international bamboo experience you’re looking for, please be sure to check out out fabulous article on the 20 best bamboo gardens in the world. It will surely inspire you to pack your bags and board the next plane for Tokyo, by way of Honolulu.