Chai & Mighty: Chai Cream Ale

Summer marks the height of BBQ and potluck season.  For a unique and delicious beer that is sure to impress fellow party-goers, bring a couple bottles of San Luis Obispo’s own Chai Cream Ale.  This light blonde beer has a clean, refreshing foundation with a hint of hops and a subtle, spicy chai kick.  Found in small groceries and liquor stores throughout California, Chai Cream Ale can also be purchased in 1pt 6oz bottles, perfect for special occasions or sharing with friends on the porch, at the beach or in the backyard.

Chai Cream Ale is the brainchild of SLO Chai founder, former high school teacher, and all-around nice guy,  Joel Pace.  Begun as a side project in 2004, Joel began adding his own blend of organic chai spices to locally-produced microbrews.  Now, 7 years and a lot of fine tuning later, the beer is brewed in Northern California and delighting drinkers across the state as well as the Hawaiian islands.

Treat yourself to a bottle (or several) of a truly fine brew!  Try a chai!

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