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Okay, so maybe I’m a bit behind the times. I just discovered author Jonathan Safran Foer. Where have I been?! The author of “Everything is Illuminated” and “Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud” has written another gracefully worded work, full of wit and charm and intelligence, but this time, he’s taken on a fairly meaty topic.

The title of his newest work “Eating Animals” would deceive anyone into thinking that Foer has written some persuasive propaganda. However, vegetarians and omnivores alike will discover something else.

This work is not a clear cut case for vegetarianism (though Foer himself is a vegetarian, and spends a good part of the introduction describing his humorous struggle, only moving on to discuss why we should consider dog meat as a viable form of sustenance.)

No, instead the book is more of an internal debate, and a journey to discover what eating animals really entails, what farming means in America today, and whether or not there’s a clear and easy decision.

Foer charmingly balances both sides of the argument on his sharp blade of written word. It’s impossible not to fall in love with his portrayal of where fact meets feeling. A must read for any vegan, vegetarian, omnivore or carnivore.


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