Freedom! We call For Our Food to Be Free!


With all the world’s events unfolding, there’s a lot of hubbub in the air about change and democracy. Between Egypt, Bahrain, Iran and Wisconsin, Amy Goodman has plenty to talk about. And Michael Pollan is somewhere in his office wondering, “Why haven’t they called me? It’s been so long!”

Well, don’t worry, Michael. We still have issues with GMOs and Monsanto. So today’s blog is for you.

In the spirit of today’s revolutions, it’s time for we the people to stand up and say, “Step down, Monsanto!” You years of tyrannical rule over our food supply must end, and we demand our freedom. Careful, or we’ll tweet about you.”

So with the giant, over-powering food dictator that Monsanto is, do we the dietary-oppressed people have a way of changing anything? I think so, I really do.

There is a movement being put in to motion now. It’s called the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign. This month they’ve decided to do a little bit of ‘Guerrilla labeling.’ The idea is to place stickers containing the question, “Oh no, is it GMO?” on grocery items that are likely to contain GMO’s. It’s a very simple and harmless gesture, telling your grocer that you’d prefer to see something that won’t give you intestinal cancer on their shelves. (Or least to be told what’s in your food so you can made informed choices when you shop.) This is what happens when voting with your dollar just isn’t enough.

If you’re uncomfortable with idea of displaying your disapproval of these products, you can always go in to your pantry and find an item you suspect may be GMO infected, label it, take a picture and send it to the grocer you purchased it from. However, I think the defiant method is kind of fun.

If you’re unsure what foods might be tampered, you can always see the non-GMO shopping guide.

If you have any other ideas on how we can see to it that organic foods are being put on our shelves, please chime in. We could always use more optimistic strategies. After all, they are the Goliath of the food world, and we are but Davids, trying to obtain whole foods at reasonable costs. Monsanto is well-known for giving us Agent Orange and openly expressing their wish “to control the world food supply.” To them it’s about making billions out of millions (of dollars); to us it’s about the freedom to plant, grow and eat the wholesome foods of our choice.

By the way, if you are unable to print out your warrior stickers, we plan to have some available here for your stickering needs.


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