Get intuit: The Tarot Game

Having studied science for a majority of my academic career, I consider myself generally skeptical of things like palm reading, Ouija boards, and astrology.  I assumed that Tarot was just another form of esoteric fortune telling, and never gave the idea of having my cards read much serious respect.  Recently, I had the opportunity to ask a question of the deck with an experienced reader who explained to me that Tarot was more about storytelling and personal interpretation than divining the future.  Through the format of an entertaining and surprisingly addictive board game, I pulled two cards that affirmed some gut feelings that I had concerning some major life decisions, and began to see the art of Tarot in a new light.

Created by Jude Alexander, the Tarot Game is the product of her 25 year journey through reading and interpreting the cards and spreading the joy of divine play.  Designed as a way to address life’s issues and share one’s feelings in a friendly and safe environment, the colorful and inviting game makes introspection fun without the fear that usually accompanies a deep look inward.   In addition to being the creator of the board game, Jude also hosts sessions for individuals and small groups that wish to develop their sense of intuition and become more familiar with the deck.  Plato was onto something when he said that one can learn more about a man in an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation.

To host a party, contact Jude via her website.  For those who live in the San Luis Obispo area and would like a personal reading, visit Bambu Batu on Thursdays and Saturdays and Sundays for some insight and good conversation.  Each reading is $35 and includes a written explanation and photograph of your cards, and shorter readings are available on a sliding scale.  She also offers gift certificates for readings, a great idea for someone who wants to give something meaningful this holiday season without dealing with the clutter and and junk of buying “stuff”.

What can the Tarot Game tell you about yourself?

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