Global Grass: World Bamboo Day 2011

Yes, really, there is such a thing as World Bamboo Day.  And why not?  Bamboo is fantastic!  It can be worn, carved, eaten, pulped, fashioned into clothing and dwellings, played as an instrument, grown as a living fence…the possibilities are nearly endless.  On September 18th, break out your bamboo cutlery, fry up some bamboo shoots, and invite your friends over to your bamboo tiki bar to celebrate one of the globe’s most and versatile and dynamic plants.

The first World Bamboo Day was initiated as part of the World Bamboo Organization’s 8th congress held in Bangkok in 2009.  The Day was intended to spread awareness of the importance of bamboo as a vital part of international economies and as a key element of the sustainable living movement.  From Israel to the Phillipines, celebrations feature speakers from across the political spectrum, foresters, bamboo cultivators and suppliers, artists and chefs.

So, what can you do to show your love and appreciation for this glorious, generous grass?

– Californians can take part in the American Bamboo Society’s Fall Meeting this Sept 17 in the Bamboo Garden at Foothill College in Los Altos.  The gathering begins at noon and will feature highlights of the president’s recent trip to Colombia.

– Cook up a tasty stir fry, such as this delicious and incredibly easy recipe featuring spinach and tender young bamboo shoots.

– Pick up some bamboo pieces to make a flying paper lantern,  wind chime, or kite for a fun and sustainable crafting project.

– Plant some bamboo in your garden using Daphne Lewis’ informative books as a fantastic resource for your burgeoning zen paradise.

– Deck yourself out in your best bamboo threads from Bambu Batu and show some pride in your favorite natural fiber!

How will you celebrate World Bamboo Day?

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