Going native: Indigenous plant sales

Native plants are fantastic choices for landscaping your yard.  Perfectly adapted for the climate, they are hearty, water and nutrient efficient, and provide habitats for local fauna.  In San Luis Obispo, residents are fortunate to wander amongst some of the most beautiful and unusual plants in the country.  Drought tolerant, aromatic, and attractive, our sage scrub, chaparral, oak woodland, dune, and riparian ecosystems produce incredible specimens that would be the pride of any garden.  Sadly, due to over-development, many of these habitats have been destroyed and are at risk of disappearing.  Fortunately, there are a number of organizations and individuals committed to preserving and propagating the flora of SLO.  Many of them have native plants sales and educational seminars throughout the year.  Here are a few opportunities to take home new additions for your home!

Nipomo Native Gardens- Located between Camino Caballo and Osage streets in the community of Nipomo, the Nipomo Native Garden will be holding a plant sale this Sunday, October 7.  Plant-lovers and green thumbs will have the opportunity to get their hands on indigenous species and cultivated hybrids, and to talk to experts. In addition to the sale, the Garden also holds workdays every first Saturday of the month from 9am to noon.  For more information, contact Greg Doudna at (805) 929-6649.

CNPS- The California Native Plant Society will be holding its plant sale on Saturday, November 3 from 7am-2pm.  CNPS is a state-wide nonprofit that focuses on preserving California native plants.  Members enjoy talks, field trips, and regular informative newsletters celebrating the incredible botanical diversity of the Golden State.  They are currently looking for volunteers to host the fundraiser, and interested participants should sign up for a shift via their website.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden- The 2012 plant sale held by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden begins this September 29 and will run throughout the month of October form 10am-4pm.  Just in time for the planting season, start off autumn with a new native or Mediterranean plant.  Choose from over 5,000 plants and 400 varieties.  The Garden stands as the largest retail offering of natives on the Central Coast, and is worth the drive to view the site and support the Santa Barbara Botanic fund by making a purchase of a new potted pal.

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