Greetings, Earthlings!

In honor of the 40th annual Earth Day, Bambu Batu is celebrating all month long with our Biggest SALE Ever. If you’ve been holding off in hopes for a massive storewide sale, now is the time.

Soft on the skin, good for the planet and now easy on the wallet, Bambu Batu is proud to offer the largest selection of natural fiber bamboo and organic cotton clothing anywhere, and now at prices you won’t believe. Men’s organic t-shirts now only $10! Oodles of women’s t-shirts, tank tops and halter tops have been reduced to just $10-15. Looking for good deals on organic cotton, bamboo or hemp pants? We’ve got heaps of men’s & women’s jeans and trousers for only $20! (reg. $60-$80)

After 40 years of building environmental consciousness, Earth Day has become something of cliche in certain circles. But here at Bambu Batu, we take these matters seriously, as we have for nearly two decades. Since opening our first natural fiber eco-boutique in 1994, we’ve been committed to sourcing the most environmentally sustainable products, produced through the most socially responsible labor practices, while educating consumers about the detrimental effects of conventional cotton farming. (see: Cotton Statistics)

In addition to our incredible selection of bamboo, consider some of the other ways in which we contribute to a healthier planet and a stronger local economy:

– Several lines of bamboo and organic cotton clothing for men, women and babies, made in the USA.

– Extensive selection of fair trade gifts, jewelry and home decor.

– Fair Trade, Organic chocolate made right here in S.L.O. by Sweet Earth Chocolates.

– Haiti Bars (by Sweet Earth Chocolates) raise money for the Haiti earthquake vicitims. One diollar from each bar goes directly to Partners in Health.

– Fair Trade hand-made wool products by Maule Wear are imported directly from Curanipe, Chile (just 5 miles from the epicenter of the recent earthquake) and bring direct support to their devastated economy.

– Organic, all-natural skin care products by local companies like Elemental Herbs and Ruth’s Herbal Remedies.

– Dozens of other products from local artists, fair trade artisans, family-run businesses and conscious-minded companies.

Remember, every dollar you spend casts a vote for the kind of business practices you support. Shop local, buy organic, live better, and have a righteous Earth Day!

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