In San Luis Obispo, it sometimes seems as though the vineyards get all of the love. Sure, we have fantastic wines, but we also have an impressive collection of small breweries and pubs. For those who would like to sample a wide array of fine brews while also learning a bit about the Central Coast, Hop On Beer Tours offers a relaxing and safe way to enjoy some suds.

Owned and operated by Brant Meyers, the company is currently crowdsourcing on Indiegogo to finance the whole operation. Whether you are a tourist or simply wish to explore your big backyard, Hop On Beer Tours takes advantage of Meyers’s ample knowledge of beer culture and experience in the industry. Mix in a great sense of humor, close relationships with the producers, and a biodiesel passenger van, and you will be assured a fun and memorable day.

Hop On Beer Tours visits 14 breweries and 5 pubs with diverse beer selections. Prospective beer browsers can visit the Indiegogo site to reserve space for the first expeditions being offered with a minimum donation of only $50. Whether it is a private guided excursion or an adventure with friends, Hop On Beer Tours promises to give the beer industry in our community the respect and love it deserves. Cheers, and may your glass never run dry!

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