Happy New Year!

Y5K is almost here! Who’s ready?

We’re talking about the Chinese calendar, of course. They’ve been recording the days since long before Europeans even knew how to count. If they’d been counting the years, they’d be up to about 4705 or 4706, depending how you reckon. But they don’t reckon that way.

One thing’s for certain anyway: in the Chinese 12-year zodiac cycle, this is the Year of the Ox. It started on Monday. So if you’re born this year (between now and Feb.14, 2010), or if you’re turning 12, 24, 36, 48, etc., then you’re an ox.

Oxen are renowned for their tenacity, stubbornness, and good looks. Just consider a few famous ones, Napoleon, Walt Disney, Richard Nixon, Rosa Parks, and yours truly. We’re also known for our dependability and the innate ability to achieve great things.

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