It’s Your Time To Shine

People Magazine. When you see someone on the cover of this syndicate, you know they’re important. But rarely do we give thought to the details of the picture. For example, what brand of hair gel, or what cosmetics, or what brand of clothing the center of attention is sporting. I mean, sure, you may ask yourself who their designer was, but you never think, “I wonder if they’re wearing cotton or hemp or bamboo?” Until, well, now.

Kicky Pants is a small-ish company dedicated to producing sustainable bamboo apparel for munchkins. And now they’ve made it to the cover of People Magazine. John Travolta has a brand new baby. His name’s Ben, and in his first ever public appearance (what a way to meet the world, by the way) he was adorned in cozy bamboo coveralls.

Kicky Pants was created by CEO’s Erin and Nick Cloke. Erin had the idea for the company while on bedrest with her then newborn. All of the company’s lines are designed by her.

This is good news. It means the being environmentally conscious has finally become trendy. It means that John Travolta has good taste in clothing (something people may have doubted after, say Saturday Night Fever.) And it means that businesses that make every effort to uphold sustainable and ethical business practices will not be forgotten about.

On that note, we are proud to carry an extensive line of organic baby clothing, including Kicky Pants bamboo dresses and coveralls, as well as several other bamboo clothing lines, such as Yala Spun Bamboo, and Arbor. Come in and check it out!

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