Never Forget

Seems like not that long ago we were unpacking the cartons of hemp soap and Two Star Dog jeans that would become the seeds of the HempShak; but it’s already been 15 years. It was February of 1995 that the original HempShak opened up on Foothill Blvd. in Claremont, just up the street from Pomona College. A year and half later we came to San Luis Obispo and opened HempShak del norte in the old Creamery, behind Tortilla Flats.

This weekend the era of Hemp retail comes to a sad end, as the HempShak of SLO closes its doors and clicks off the neon ‘open’ sign for the last time. But rest assured, Bambu Batu is staying open, continuing to provide natural fiber, fair trade and local products for the conscious consumers of the Central Coast, and looking forward to adding more hemp products to our already extensive and eclectic selection of alternative fibers.

Without our pioneering spirit and environmental commitment, these shops would never have opened, and without your steadfast support they could never stay open. So thanks again, and we look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations for another decade and a half.

There’s a Shak that won’t soon be forgotten
Cuz Hemp lasts much longer than cotton
            It grows like a weed
            With nary a need
For pesticides, toxic and rotten

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