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In our unending efforts to see the world from a new point of view, and to see that paradigm shift become a reality, we spend an inordinate amount of time turning the world on its head, engaging in deep meditation, and conducting meaningful discourse on the matters closest to our hearts.

As purveyors of bamboo, we are deeply concerned with issues of ecology, sustainability and habitat conservation, as well as fair and just social policies and labor practices. As an environmentalist, I have a passion for all things green. As a world traveler, I enjoy studying cultural characteristics and local customs. And as a writer and literary scholar, I’m fascinated by the poetic traditions that crop up in various eras and locales. Not surprisingly then, these interests intermingle to foster a zeal for literature from the green island of Ireland, and an irrational obsession with Limericks.

On that note, it pleases me to offer you the following words of wisdom for your consideration:

“Winds of Change”
There was once an iniquitous breeze
Blowing garbage with consummate ease
          As the Styrofoam floated
          I carefully noted
How quickly it grew on the trees

“Hug a Tree”
There’s a movement we’ve recently seen
After treating the planet so mean
          The force of our mass
          Is killing the grass
So give up the gas and go green

“The Human Scourge”
Mankind is in need of a better direction
Consuming and killing with savage perfection
          Where lies the answer
          To this bipedal cancer?
What can be done to contain the infection?

“Scorched Earth Policy”
Open your eyes to this uncommon era
And dry up your tears ‘fore they run your mascara
          As the king plucks his fiddle
          The Earth’s in the middle
Defending herself in the war against terra

“Earth in Peril”
Old humans once honored their planet
It seems now they take it for granite
          But the Earth’s plenty strong
          She’ll heal before long
Global warming can’t kill us — or can it?

Rushing downstream like some ill-guided salmon
Our bodies are wasting with spiritual famine
             The flesh has grown fatter
             From meaningless matter
We’ve traded our souls for the almighty mammon

“Mars Attacks”
Mr. Martian stepped out of his cosmic two-seater
Joined by his wife, for he hoped to entreat her
             Unsure what to think
             I said, “How ‘bout a drink?”
“Why yes,” he replied, “take me straight to your liter!”

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