Pieces of Peace

If someone approached you one day and asked, “Would you wear a nuclear weapon around your neck?” your answer would likely be no. If they told you, however, that it was a symbol of peace, constructed OUT OF a dismantled (and no longer radio active… we know that because Jason has a Geiger Counter) weapon of mass destruction, would your answer change?

Start thinking about it, because it’s happening. Peace Bronze is the first company ever to reconstruct disassembled nuclear weapon systems into not just jewelry, but jewelry proudly bearing the many different representations of peace. The material actually comes from the underground cabling that would have sent the launch signal to the missiles.

What’s more, this project, while funded by a non Slocal, is being manned by our home town folks. The necklaces will be out in stores, Bambu Batu included, very soon. So if you see it around, give it a glance. You could very well be the first one on your block to own one. If you prefer to go straight to the source, they have a website where you can have a one-of-a-kind necklace or set of earrings put together.

A bit about the peace symbol: This symbol of human compassion and pacifism was conceived in 1958. It is a blended semaphore (or flag signal) of the letters ‘n’ and ‘d’, literally standing for nuclear disarmament. Peace Bronze takes that significance to an entirely new level. Not to mention, it’s cute jewelry.

Song of the day: Give Peace A Chance – The Plastic Ono Band

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