Bambu Batu is proud to announce our newest bamboo t-shirt designs printed with sustainable, environmentally friendly inks, brought to you by local printer, Rebellious Nature.  This San Luis Obispo company offers affordable rates for simple designs and small-batch orders for hoodies, shirts, long sleeve tees, kids clothing and tote bags.  Each item is hand-printed on a manual press, ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail.  Rebellious Nature uses PVC and phthalate-free inks, recycles their textiles, and uses only US made organic materials for their private line of apparel.  For a peek at some of their handy-work, check out  AnarchTee Political and Social Activist T-shirts and Bambu Batu’s Be happy and San Leisure Obispo tees.

Why are pthlalate-free inks a better choice for your health and the environment?  Pthlalates are petroleum-derived chemicals used to soften PVC based compounds.  They were first introduced in the 1030’s and became more widespread beginning in the 1950’s.  They are found in a number of products including toys, adhesives, flooring, detergents, cosmetics and other personal care products.  Combined with pigment and PVC resin, they compose most of the plastisol inks utilized for conventional textile printing.

Studies have linked a class of these chemicals called ortho-pthlalates to disruptions in the endocrine system, reproductive problems, learning disabilities and cancer.  Several of these compounds have been banned from use in products marketed to children, while others have been severely restricted.  Due to the possibility of these chemicals leeching into their environments and causing harm to both producers and consumers, many have started to use more environmentally friendly, vegetable based inks.

Enjoy peace of mind and comfort of body by wearing sustainable, natural fabrics with safe, earth-friendly inks!

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