Read between the lines, and hold your fire

Wow. Why so trigger happy these days, America? Did somebody declare January to be National Second Amendment Appreciation Month?

The red fever has made its way from Tucson to the sunny Central Coast. Thankfully, it wasn’t a person, or a child that was taken away from the world by someone’s trigger, but I don’t think anyone sees a zebra and thinks, “that animal is a threat to society.”

That’s right. The Owner of Green Valley Cattle Co., shot, killed, and SKINNED two of three escaped Hearst Castle zebras. (The third zebra was shot by his neighbor.) The zebras wandered onto his nearby property after their escape from the castle. According to quick draw McGraw, they had posed a threat to his horses and cattle.

What I would like to know is, are zebras really dangerous? Really? That’s good to know, because honestly, if a zebra wandered into town, I’d be anxious to run up and say “here, zebra zebra zebra. You’re soooo cute, yes you are, shmooopikins.”

So I looked it up. Zebras, like anything else, are hostile when a threat is imposed upon them. They have sharp hooves, and powerful muscle strength. But they’re not aggressive creatures.

It would be lovely if people were that way. Only hostile when attacked. However, lately, it’s difficult to believe that people aren’t aggressive predators. Or maybe, it’s just that we’re so scared of everything, that we believe, as a species, that we are constantly under attack. Perhaps, if the fear campaigns would kindly leave our media, we wouldn’t use our defenses so often. (Whether in the form of slander or a sawed off shot gun.)

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what’s the point of this rant? This isn’t informative’ Here it is. If you don’t strike fear in to the hearts of millions, then they won’t attack. If you don’t go up and punch a zebra in the nose, it won’t bite. Live and let live. Even if it means you won’t have that nice zebra skin rug by your fireplace. Personally, I think that bamboo mats are more tasteful anyhow.

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