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So this bloke walks into Bambu Batu last week wearing a bright blue Google t-shirt. And I think to myself, maybe I can sell this guy a nice new bamboo shirt so he doesn’t have to wear this promotional tee that he probably got for free at some geek convention in silicon valley.

He tells me he works for Google, and that comes as no surprise. Then he tells me it’s actually a bamboo t-shirt. Color me incredulous!

Yes, I was skeptical, so I, uh, googled it. Sure enough, in line with their commitment to sustainability, the Google squad is actually sporting bamboo comfort.

If you’re looking for a web page or an elusive factoid, just Google it! But if you’re looking for anything made from bamboo, just Bambu Batu it!

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  1. Meryl says: August 10, 2009

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