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Ganesh Statue 5″


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Product Description

Invoke the “Remover of Obstacles” and herald success with this colorful Ganesh Statue. The great Ganesh is revered throughout the Orient and the Occident as the Lord of Success, Remover of Obstacles and Guardian of Travelers. This 5″ tall statue is fashioned from high quality resin and is hand-painted in colorful detail.

The Legend of Ganesh

The story of this iconic Indian deity goes back many thousands of years and incorporates dozens of myths from the ancient Vedic texts. The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh was once asked to guard the house while his mother enjoyed a long bath. When Shiva came home, Ganesh did not recognize him, and so attempted to ward him off. A great battle ensued in which Shiva lopped off Ganesh’s human head. When he realized what he had done, Shiva ran off and killed the nearest elephant and returned with its head to replace the severed head his son.

Usually Ganesh appears with one broken tusk, indicating the the great struggle with his father. He also wields an ax in one hand, with which he chops away illusion and cuts down other manifestations of evil. In another hand he holds a modaka, a sweet representing the sweetness of the realized self. And another hand holds a noose, suggesting that our physical ties and attachments are like a noose that will act as our own undoing. Elephants are typically associated with wisdom, and Ganesh’s rotund belly suggests a like of abundance and satisfaction, but also carries the notion that he swallows everything wicked and rotten in order to protect the world.

Ganesh is most commonly known as the remover of obstacles, but in his negative aspect he can also be the creator of obstacles. He is also revered as the lord of success and a guardian of travelers. He is easily recognized with his elephant head and six arms, but has many different incarnations. Most representations of Ganesh include a small mouse at his feet, and often he is even riding on the mouse’s back. This imagery evokes the unity of opposites and a special balance between the grandest and the most humble of creatures. (Other names for Ganesh include Ganesha and Ganapati.)


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