Recycled Plastic Frisbee

Recycled Plastic Frisbee


The Bambu Batu Recycled Plastic Frisbee® by Wham-O. Made in California with recycled polyethylene plastic.

What goes around comes around!

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Product Description

Accept no imitation, this is a genuine Wham-O Ultimate Recycled Plastic Frisbee®, a sturdy disc that weighs in at a hefty 175 grams. Made from recycled polyethylene plastic, you can see the colorful particles of old, re-purposed soda bottles and packaging materials. Toss this “B” and reduce your carbon footprint!

Our recycled plastic Frisbees are made in San Gabriel, California, by Wham-O, Inc.

Now let me tell you why I love to play Frisbee with my daughter. First of all, there’s no scoreboard, and that’s a big plus. You’ve got your throwing, chasing and catching, but no winners or losers; and when you’re in preschool, the idea of winning or losing can be a big distraction. In fact, it can even be a problem for those well beyond their preschool years.

Of course, there are many other forms of catch that do not involve scoring goals and points, but there’s something magical about the controlled flight of a 175-gram disc. Whereas most sports balls are designed to defy the elements, in the form of something like a compact sphere, the shape of the Frisbee exposes you to the will and whim of the wind, at the same time allowing you harness its free energy.

That Nature has a will of her own, and is not simply another force or object to be mastered and subdued by Man, is a valuable lesson of which we can all be reminded. In releasing a Frisbee into the air, one must be attuned to the presence of the wind, its speed and direction, and throw the disc accordingly, with tact and composure. Trying to overcome a high wind with strength alone will only bring frustration.

Instead, the Frisbee wielder must angle his or her throw to catch the breeze and ride its current across the sky and over the open field in a wide arc. Likewise, the receiver must also gauge the wind and anticipate the disc’s changing trajectory. Understanding the abundant energy produced by the wind, the sun and the elements that surround us, and recognizing that these elements can also be capricious, are skills that are certain to prove valuable throughout life.



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