Resting Buddha Statue

Resting Buddha Statue


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Product Description

Fashioned from aqua green high-quality resin, the Resting Buddha Statue will open your heart chakra and activate your inner Boddhisatva. Standing 9″ tall, this statue makes an excellent centerpiece or a fine addition to an already populated altar space.

The Wisdom of Buddha

More a philosophy than a religion, Buddhism represents one of the world’s most widely practiced spiritual traditions. With origins in northern India, Buddhism has grown to captivate the hearts and minds of wisdom seekers all across Asia and throughout the world. Many westerners have discovered in Buddhism a mindful and non-dogmatic alternative to the doctrinal-based monotheistic religions of the Levant.

Though open to broad interpretation like any belief system, Buddhism generally focusses more on practice than on worship, studying the wisdom and teachings of the Buddha rather than revering him as supernatural divinity. Statues and depictions of Buddha should not be seen as idols or craven images, but simply as touchstones for the Buddha’s ancient philosophy of kindness and compassion, rooted in the Four Noble Truths: Life involves suffering, Desire is the source of suffering, Freedom from suffering is attainable, and the Eightfold Path offers the way to that freedom.

The notion of the Noble Eightfold Path contains the important idea that proper living is a journey and not a destination. Buddha, the archetype, attained Enlightenment, but we as students and devotees should focus on these simple steps rather than form an attachment to the idea of achieving Enlightenment ourselves. The steps include right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.


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