Sunny Days for Bamboo

Today marks the last day of summer for those of us basking in the warmth of the northern hemisphere. And not a moment too soon for the people of Russia and most of the US where this summer’s warmth turned into a wave of blistering, deadly heat. Yet while the rest of the world roasted away and corral reefs were bleached into oblivion, here in California the summer never really arrived. We’ve had nothing but mild breezes and temperate sunshine, but the Indian Summer still lies in wait, poised for a late season attack.

So what’s all this aberrant meteorological prognostication have to do with the house of bamboo? Don’t worry, I’m getting to that. Just as soon as my morning typing fingers have a chance to thaw out. In the meantime, don’t let your defenses down, because this weekend looks likes it’s gonna be a hot one, and bamboo might actually be one of your best defense.

In addition to bamboo clothing’s cozy breathability and superior thermal regulating properties, the material also provides an excellent shield against the sun’s harmful UV rays. A number of independent studies have all confirmed that bamboo fabric can effectively block out more than 90 perfect of the sun’s ultra-violet radiation. This makes bamboo an ideal for babies, those with especially sensitive skin, and anyone concerned about the increasing rates of skin cancer associated with prolonged sun exposure.

We are consistently impressed by the number of customers who tell us that bamboo is one of the only fabrics they can wear because of various allergies, skin conditions and/or chemical sensitivities. Check UV-protection as just one more advantage of bamboo in a world facing severe climate changes.

Song of the Day: “Indian Summer” by The Doors

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