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Moving house is never easy.  Sure, lugging boxes back and forth can be a pain, but the real agony comes from all of the work that needs to be done before the truck is loaded.  Decisions need to be made over what should be kept, thrown away, recycled, sold, or donated.  Where can your stuff go in order to do some social good, remain out of the landfill, and maybe even earn you a buck or two?  Here are a couple of places in SLO county that can help you when it comes time to clean out the closet or hop lily pads.

Donation:  When it comes time to make a charitable donation, there are always the good old national standbys, Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  If you are looking for a more local non-profit, drop off your goods at Old Mission School Thrift, the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County, and Alpha Pregnancy and Parenting Support.  Any food that you do not want to carry with you to the new kitchen can be gifted to the SLO Food Bank or the Aids Support Network’s Food Pantry.

Consignment:  San Luis Obispo is lucky to have many fine consignment stores that will be happy to find homes for your old apparel, antiques, and housewares.  Old World Antiques, Antiques on Monterey, and the Antique Center Mall are all conveniently located downtown and are available to showcase your vintage treasures.  Boutique stores like Revolve, and California Blonde are all great shops that either offer cash up front or an IOU when your piece sells.   If you have some designer duds, you might want to drop by Finders Keepers, a consignment shop that features high end merchandise.

Recycle: Find a safe place for your appliances, electronics, and hardware by e-cycling or donating to organizations that will rehab outdated or broken items.  Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore accepts a variety of electrical and building materials.  Many companies will now take back their old goods, but if you would rather not have to spend the time and money tracking and shipping bits and pieces, you can visit companies such as All Green Electronics Recycling who accept contributions without charge.  The Cleaner Earth Company and RES Recycling/Achievement House, will also dispose of and recycle used equipment.

Sell:  If a yard sale and Craiglisting are not for you, head over to the Sunset Swap Meet, held every Sunday from 5-10am.  Selling will cost you around $20 for the space, so you may want to bring only what you are sure you can offload.  Used bookstores like Phoenix will pay you for your gently used reads or allow you to open a line of credit.  Depending on condition, retailers such as the Mac Superstore will give you a few dollars for old computers, hardware, and accessories.

Looking for moving boxes? Give us a call. Bambu Batu always has a sizable collection of cardboard boxes on hand, just waiting to be reused!