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Here in San Luis Obispo, we are proud to have a thriving bike culture. From our monthly Bike Happening to the Tall Bike Posse and Little 500, we are lucky to live in a town where there are cyclists committed to fun, safe riding, and fitness. Chances are, if you live here on the Central Coast, you either know or are related to one of these bike nuts. If you are looking for a great gift idea for the wheeled warrior in your life, look no further. Here are some strange and wonderful gadgets for your pedal person.

Trotify- For the Monty Python and equestrian fan in all of us, we present the Trotify, a contraption that takes advantage of the humble coconut shell to make your bike sound like a horse. The wooden device sits on the front wheel of your rig and creates the sounds of hoofbeats as you pedal. Trotify comes flatpacked, and can be easily shipped and assembled at home. Currently, the designers are waiting for a 1,000 minimum order, and your Trotify would not make its way out of the stable until March 2013. However, for only about $20, it might be worth the wait to turn your frame into a fiery steed.

MindRider- I can’t think of many cyclists that at one time or another wished that motorists knew what they were thinking. The thought-controlled MindRider helmet brain waves to control red and green LED lights that signal emotions and levels of concentration. Developed by MIT animator and computer programmer Alrene Ducao, the helmet takes advantage of a EEG sensor and NeuroSky Mindset to control the lighting display. Green denotes a calm and collected demeanor, red means high stress, and flashing red blinks a warning signal to others on the road. The next incarnation of MindRider is slated to include more LEDs, proximity sensors, wearable visualization, and possible wireless technology that can connect with other helmets to monitor traffic and accidents.

Bike Zone- Cycling at night can be dangerous for even the most experienced of riders. The Bike Zone is a an ingenious gadget that creates a laser-projected area that extends a meter away from the bicycle as well as animated right and left turn signals. The Bike Zone easily attaches to the frame with a magnetic coupling, and wirelessly connects to the signal switches on the handlebars.