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On the Central Coast, we are lucky to be able to camp in amazing weather all year round. From the coast to foothills, we love take our tents and sleeping bags and experience the great outdoors. At Bambu Batu, we are proud to carry a number of excellent products that will be a welcome addition to any nature nut’s kit. Sustainable, strong, and lightweight, bamboo is an wonderful choice for your next romp through the wilderness.With the holidays coming up, why not swing by and pick up something for your friends and family that they will be sure to use and enjoy?

Eat- Why pack an entire drawer of heavy, metal silverware when you can take along a handy spork? Both spoon and fork, it comes  with its own cork pocket so that it can fit snugly into your trousers or backpack. For the full set of cutlery in a compact sleeve, bring along our To- Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set, complete with carabiner to attach to your gear. If you are sick of paper plates for camp cookouts, we offer bamboo veneer plates which are just as lightweight as their wasteful relatives, but easier on the environment and able to be used a number of times.

Drink- Whether out on a hike or just lounging next to the campfire, it is extremely important to keep hydrated. Out bamboo-topped Klean Kanteens make sure you always have precious fluids on hand. Also check out our Bamboo Bottles with extra insulation and glass interior for tea, soup, or coffee! Our tea tumblers are fantastic for caffeine on-the-go as well as a beautiful way to display our flowering teas from local purveyor, Swan Sisters Tea and are handy for the office or the outdoors.

Be Merry- Of course, we have a whole store filled with amazing bamboo apparel which will keep you content from head to toe. When your body is comfortable, you are ready to enjoy nature to its fullest. Happy feet affect the rest of your bones, so grab a pair of super-comfortable bamboo socks before your next stroll. Soft, anti-microbial, and able to wick away moisture, they are a popular and fantastic gift for anyone on your list!  Don a new bamboo Arbor beanie for cold nights, wrap up in a Spun Bamboo sweatshirt, or hang around the cabin in some BambooDreams lounge pants.


Show love to thy sweetheart and thy neighbor by buying local gifts this Valentine’s Day!

Sweets for the Sweet: Why buy a plain old grocery store sampler when you could look to Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates for organic and fair trade treats this year?  Not only will your purchase support a San Luis Obispo small business, but it will also help contribute to Partners In Health, Haiti relief efforts, and make it possible for West African cocoa farmers to sustain a living wage with socially just business practices.  Nothing says affection like principled confections!

Light a Fire: Bambu Batu is proud to carry Big Dipper Beeswax candles to add a tender glow to your night.  Available in scented and unscented pillars, pots, votives and tapers.  Sourced from beekeepers throughout the Pacific Northwest, the wax is smokeless, dripless, free of animal or petroleum products, and produces negative ions that help relax and clarify your mind and body.  Big Dipper is a Green America Approved Business, and donates 10% of their net profits from candle sales are donated to promote sustainable beekeeping, support local schools, community health and research organizations, animal shelters, and sports teams.

Nightdress to Impress: Both comfortable and romantic, Bambu Batu offers the BambooDreams Women’s Flirty Lace Nighty.  Not just for a romantic encounter, this bamboo and spandex nightgown is an excellent way to show kindness to yourself and whoever you are snuggled up against.  Guys will fall for our incredibly soft Bamboo Boxers. Gentle on the earth and kind to your skin, nothing says love like bamboo.

Romantic Records: Need a soundtrack to set the mood?  Head on over to Boo Boo Records for the perfect album to express your feelings.  Their knowledgeable employees will guide you through their wide variety of music to select some sweet sounds.  The store also sells shirts, posters, bags, and other gifts to provide some happy harmony to your Valentine’s Day.