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Poppy Soap Company

These days, Lindy LaRoche is one popular lady. As the owner of the Poppy Soap Company based in Los Osos, she has seen the demand for her amazing handmade soaps skyrocket. Adding new accounts almost every day, the business has attracted the attention of wellness centers and stores across the country. The Four Seasons recently discovered her creations and have started featuring them in their spas. Her Bar for Bar program, which donates soap to a women’s shelter of the customer’s choice, has grown to include organizations nationwide. As of the beginning of October, she has donated over 3,000 bars of soap!

In an effort to expand their operation, Poppy Soap Company has launched an Indiegogo campaign. Those who make minimum donation of $24 will receive three of their fantastic soaps at a cost below their website price. Gifts will be shipped in December, just in time for the holidays. Of course, you can always find her therapeutic soaps here at Bambu Batu! We are proud to carry her Bamboo Charcoal, Peppermint Pine, Sea Buckthorn Satsuma, Lavender Lemongrass and Lemon Poppyseed soaps.

Poppy Soap Company pays it forward

Local Central Coast resident Lindy LaRoche create the Poppy Soap Company back in 2011 out of a desire to start a home-based business that she could operate without being away from her son who was just a toddler at the time. And equally important, Lindy wanted to be part of a business that gives something back to the community. Always a creative and motivated individual, soap making is just one of Lindy’s many skills. When she learned the soaps were the number one item on the donation wish lists for Women’s Shelters, a great big light bulb came on. “What if I give the Women’s Shelter a bar of my delicious homemade soap every time I sell one?” And so the Bar For Bar Program was born. Bambu Batu is thrilled and delighted to have such a thoughtful and wonderful woman as one of our business partners in our ongoing effort to raise consciousness and heal the soul of the planet.

Bambu Batu is excited to welcome Poppy Soap Co. to the store!  Handcrafted in Los Osos, the soap is made from certified organic ingredients, essential oils, and are free of petroleum, animal products, artificial fragrances and dyes. In addition to supporting healthy skin, Poppy Soap Co. also helps to sustain a healthy community by donating one bar for each one purchased to a local women’s shelter.  Their Bar-for-Bar program is a personal and heartfelt way to show kindness to victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Founder Lindy LaRoche came to crafting soap by way of a career in medical sales.  After her son was born, she decided to leave the sales field in order to pursue a passion where she could live mindfully and sustainably, and give back to the community.  Through Poppy Soap Co., she hopes to spread the holistic lifestyle where her products can help heal both the body and the planet naturally.  We are enthusiastic to work with such a wonderful individual and carry her fantastic soaps here at Bambu Batu!