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With the amount of lady’s yoga wear and equipment on the market, you might assume the practice in the United States was a bit of a girl’s club.  However, yoga was originally brought to the west from India by a line of male instructors, and it has only been within this generation that women have been adopting more influential and powerful roles.  This influx of female energy has transformed the way in which yoga is currently being taught by focusing more on intuition, connection, family flow, community, and activism.

HopeDance, in conjunction with Bambu Batu, presents the film YOGAWOMAN this March 21 at the Palm Theater from 7pm-10pm.  The documentary, narrated by Annette Benning,  interviews many of the world’s leading female yoga practitioners and teachers, including Patricia Walden, Sharon Gannon, Shiva Rea, Angela Farmer, Cyndi Lee, and Seine Corn.  With additional testimony from progressive medical professionals such as Dr. Sara Gottfried and Dr. Shirley Tells, YOGAWOMAN is the first feature to bring together these amazing women and their message of peace and self-empowerment.  To view the trailer or find showtimes in your area, visit the HopeDance website for more details.

HopeDance, a project headed by Central Coast local Bob Banner, seeks to exhibit films and hold workshops that feature pioneers and exceptional individuals that are committed to creating a new world.  HopeDance also publishes material that encourage sustainable ecological practices, community-building, holistic healing, and work designed to inspire hope and stimulate meaningful dialogue.  Come and join your fellow curious minds and open hearts for YOGAWOMAN!

“What on earth will it take?”

HopeDance FiLMs 2011 and Bob Banner present the movie Thrive, on Wednesday, November 30 at 7pm at the Palm Theater in San Luis Obispo.  This unique and thought provoking documentary reveals the consolidation of power fueled by money and globalization.  Weaving together developments in science, arts, politics, and the current waves of activism, the movie strives to offer solutions and suggestions for our ailing institutions, and strategies for taking control of our common future. Featuring commentary from visionaries and activists such as Amy Goodman, Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawken, and Vandana Shiva, the film hopes to enliven, inspire, and educate a world yearning for change.

In his journey to understand the devastation of poverty pervasive across cultural boundaries, Foster Gamble has discovered a code derived from UFO technology that has been embedded and represented in nature and human social systems throughout the centuries.  He believes that this information is a blueprint for finding a clean, limitless supply of energy that could completely revolutionize the way people live.  Gamble asserts that power could potentially be extracted from the space surrounding us, and therefore stands as a direct threat to our largest and most powerful economically influential industries.  By following greed and corruption through diverse sectors of our society, he makes the case that this information has been deliberately suppressed in efforts to control governments, banks,  businesses, housing, medicine, and educational institutions.

Through renewable energy, popular political will, and communication, can we come together as a people and not just survive, but thrive?