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Ahhh, sunny SLO. What better way to relax, and fulfill two great New Year’s resolutions at once, than by taking in the scenery on foot and on your bike. You can get some extra exercise and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time. In fact, it’s such a good idea, there’s a whole organization dedicated to it.

San Luis Obispo Car Free is an non-profit group committed to reducing emissions and pollution in San Luis Obispo by giving incentives to visitors who commit to being Car-Free for the duration of their stay.

Incentives include discounts from local restaurants and businesses, activities and tours, and hotels and accommodations. Yes, in case you were wondering, your friends here at Bambu Batu are participating members. As are many of our neighbors, including the SLO Museum of Art and Creekside Brewing Company.

I can personally say that I don’t know any downtown area as conducive to a car-free lifestyle as SLO. I’ve been without a car for two and a half years now, and aside from the occasional bus trip out of town sitting next to Sneezy or Droopy, or the groans I get once in a while when hitting up a friend for a ride, I haven’t run into too many problems, and I’ve gotten to know the town better. It’s small enough that you might miss some of it — even a lot of it — if you stick to the comfortable, climate — controlled confines of your SUV.

SLO Car Free is headed by the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District, and was established in 2009. It’s a smart way to reduce pollution, and promote the community. Join the club! For more information about specific deals and participating businesses, check out their website: We hope to see your glowing and sun-tanned faces soon!