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According to the Chinese zodiac, it is now officially the Year of the Dragon.  What can we expect in the future as we transition from the Rabbit?  Astrologers predict that the next year will hold good luck, as the dragon is the most auspicious and powerful of the signs, and an increase in the fertility rate.  Those born in this year are said to be intelligent, energetic, extroverted, often conceited, and quick to lose their temper when provoked.

Although considered to bring good fortune, some believe that 2012 will hold more international conflict, citing the relationships between earth and water elements.  The powerful yang of water might auger a natural disaster or the human struggles toward political equality.  The water sign also represents charity and generosity, which hopefully could signal for a positive transformation of economic and societal institutions.

While there will be fighting and strife in the days ahead, the elements are not as much in opposition as in the past several years.  From nature, we can forecast possible viral epidemics, and powerful disasters such as earthquakes and floods.  Sadly, experts say that there are fewer angels of mercy to aid in what could be higher death tolls than normal.  Fortunately, there should be an improvement in environmental protections and recovery from past human-made catastrophes like oil spills and and nuclear meltdowns.

Want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon here on the coast?

-Head to San Francisco, where 6,000 participants, 22 floats, marching bands, lion dancers, and an arsenal of firecrackers will dazzle your senses and help usher in good fortune and scare away the negative spirits of the past.  The parade is held on February 11, and is one of the largest celebrations held outside of Asia.  There is also a city-wide treasure hunt that takes seekers on a romp through San Francisco’s neighborhoods and rewards them with fun, prizes, and a healthy workout.

-San Luis Obispo locals can watch the Cal Poly Lion Dance Team perform around the county this month.  Witness a cultural tradition and see the amazing strength and acrobatic skill required to bring these creatures to life! If cavorting  lions are not enough to impress you, on January 25 the Peking Acrobats challenge gravity at the Clark Performing Arts Center in Arroyo Grande. Tickets range from $45-55.

-Cal Poly will be hosting a dinner on January 28, where Wushu Taichi masters Liu Yu and Norm Petredean accompanied by students will give a demonstration. This graceful martial art will inspire serenity, strength, and promote a healthy flow of qi that will help balance and prepare you for the upcoming year.

Break out the red envelopes, make some mooncakes, and have a great Year of the Dragon!


Welcome, one and all! Sit back, relax, grab a beer from the fridge.

Ahhhhh, now that’s more like it. I may be biased, being of the hare persuasion, but I’m more than a hair excited about finally settling back into my zodiac year. All of you other animals on the farm should be too.

I think we all experienced the wrath of the tiger last year. This year however, it’s time to party with the bunnies. You can expect to get a taste of the high life that we prefer to hop around in. Good fortune should be at an all time high, and hostility at an all time low. We bunnies are too busy enjoying good foods, wines, and company to meddle with death and destruction. After all, it’s what we fear most. Self preservation is amongst our specialties (along with persuasion, diplomacy, charm, and wit, of course···and perhaps arrogance.)

Don’t worry about the repercussions. Next year, you can have your rigid, rule loving way, you roosters. The fuzz will be out of our fur. And should they pester us this year, we’ll have plenty of easily acquired dough to pay our fines. It’s part-ty-time!

Don’t burn down the house, though, you dragons. We could easily get lazy and unproductive this year. That would just be too much of a shame. And besides, next year is your turn. Calm your jets.

According to Chinese mythology, there is a jade rabbit that lives in a beautiful jade castle on the moon, so as to keep her company. That’s because we make such excellent company. After all, we love to give advice and help out our friends, provided it suits us.

The year of the rabbit begins tonight, my friends. Come dance with us. Keep it going on into Friday, and enjoy some amazing wine and fun tunes at Bambu Batu for our monthly Art After Dark craft bazaar. Here’s to hare, and keep on’ hoppin’ on.

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