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There is no doubt that California faces great challenges in the areas of education, environmental quality, and economic prosperity.  While the anxiety over the solutions to these dilemmas may at times seem overwhelming, there are progressive and established organizations that are working hard towards their solution.  It is heartening to know that for over 20 years, the Urban Corps of San Diego County has benefited local families, businesses, and habitats with their amazing program.

The Urban Corps of San Diego County is a non-profit, certified conservation corps and charter school that provides students with a high school education and job training in community service, recycling, and environmental protection and restoration.  Through the Corps, the county of San Diego hopes to assist young adults from the ages of 18-25 with obtaining skills that will help them to join the workforce and contribute to the health of the surrounding landscape.  Many of the participants have had previous difficulty in traditional high school settings and have entered as a means to cultivate focus and actively engage in their own futures.  Since 1989, 10,000 students have graduated with the information and training to succeed in the green economy.  Courses run the gamut from urban forestry to graffiti removal, green building to self-esteem training, application seminars to trail maintenance.  Between programs such as their Recycling Education & Community Outreach Program (ECO) housed in LEED certified buildings and classes on habitat restoration, environmental activists of any age would jump at the chance to become part of their team!

The creation of the Urban Corps began with the formation of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) by Governor Jerry Brown in 1976.  The CCC stood as continuation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legacy of providing vocational training and employment through the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s.  Drawing upon his knowledge of the CCC and his experience as a judge in the juvenile justice system, Justice Anthony Kline was inspired to marry the ideas of environmentalism, education and service.  With his leadership and the support of state and local government officials, the Urban Corps were created with donations, political cooperation, and a strong desire to serve the community.

To donate to the organization, visit their page to make a contribution.  Make an investment in the vitality and prosperity of our state through our children and the Urban Corps of San Diego County!