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This Thanksgiving, take a break from the traditional fine china and roast turkey for a holiday with a little more color, spice, and of course, bamboo.

The Dining Room Table: For an easy cleanup without the worry of washing or guilt of paper plates, set your table with bamboo veneer wear.  The disposable plates are lightweight, strong, and with their raw, earthy tones, perfect for an attractive presentation.  Our bamboo flatware is sturdy, reusable, and a worry free alternative to grandma’s antique silver.   Leftover veggies and grains can be stored in our bamboo compost pail with charcoal filters and removable liner for quick, odorless, and  painless trips out to the backyard heap.

Dinner Preparation: All good chefs know that the right cooking tools can be just as important as quality ingredients.  Bamboo spoons, spatulas, tongs and strainers are not only sustainable alternatives to hardwoods and synthetics, but surprisingly heat resistant, robust, and light.  Cutting boards do not generally scar as badly as their plastic counterparts, and can also double as beautiful presentation pieces.  Check out the surf and ukelele cutting boards here at Bambu Batu!

The Meal: Add a little Asian flare to your meal by cooking your turkey in bamboo tubes or as a veggie option, sauté young shoots with mushrooms and your favorite bit of green. If you prefer pork to poultry, you might enjoy this recipe that features spicy bamboo shoots.

Clothing:  When dressing for Thanksgiving, fabric with a little stretch is key for maintaining comfort when in possession of a very full belly.  Bamboo is the perfect material for creating the softest, most flexible, and stylish wear for the holidays.  Relax in a pair of lounge pants, impress your guests in one of our many beautiful dresses,  or show your gratitude for your food and where it is produced with one of our locally printed “Support Your Local Farmer” t-shirts!

Express your thanks for a grass that keeps on giving this year!  With applications from clothing to food, it is hard not to be amazed by such a remarkable plant!