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Here at Bambu Batu, we are fortunate to be situated right next to the San Luis Obispo Creek, a sparkling member of our county’s watershed.  Unfortunately, there are some in town who do not share our admiration, and we regularly find trash and debris clogging the waterway outside our shop.  Luckily, Creek Day, an extension of California’s annual Coastal Cleanup Day, allows volunteers and nature lovers an opportunity to clean up the beaches, streams, and rivers that we love so well.

This Saturday, September 15, good citizens are invited to meet at one of eight locations from 9am-noon.  Participants are asked to wear sturdy, close-toed shoes, long pants and lightweight fabric, and to bring water and sunscreen, and consider applying bug spray.  The organizers will provide maps of the area to be cleaned, latex gloves, garbage and recycling bags, and basic first-aid kits.

Creek Day officially began in 1992 when a group of dedicated citizens decided that they were tired of seeing garbage in the local creeks.  Lead by the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, the event grew into a yearly tradition, spreading to cities throughout the county.  While Creek Day occurs only once a year, the planning committee meets frequently to ensure the day’s success as celebration of environmental management and awareness.

Come and get involved in cleaning up the water in your backyard, and take care of a vital part of the San Luis Obispo ecosystem!