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Our skin is our protecting layer, the largest sensory organ the body possesses, and an ambassador to the world at large.  Wrapped around our entire beings, skin can take a pretty harsh beating from the elements.  Our dermis has to contend with heat, cold, dryness, friction, wind, dirt, chemicals, and the odd insult or two.  To show some appreciation for this amazing miracle of biology, treat yourself to Nourish’s SkinFood, a 100% organic, San Luis Obispo local beauty line now found here at Bambu Batu.

Containing high concentrations of vitamin E and fatty acids that help skin repair and feel moisturized, Skin Food is also perfume, dye, petroleum and animal product free.  Many other products use drying agents such as alcohol, clogging compounds derived from non-renewable oils, and toxic preservatives.  SkinFood is fully biodegradable, sustainable, and produced within the county.

Nourish boasts several different products to pamper your body; Dream Cream, Baby Bump, SkinFood, and Sweet Feet.  Each are available in 4oz and 7oz jars. All made with ingredients so pure you can eat it, really. Made with just three easy-to-pronounce ingredients, the SkinFood contains a healthy dose of Cocoa Butter, giving it the deliciously distinct aroma of real chocolate. (Cocoa also happens to be a tremendously healthy skin moisturizer!) Equally enticing, Sweet Feet is made with organic peppermint oil and boasts a hearty bouquet of mint chip ice cream! Mmm.

Swing on by Bambu Batu and sample some of Nourish’s silky, intoxicating balms.   Show your skin a little respect and admiration with some sweet-smelling, decadent, body butter!