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Happy April! It is time again to think globally and party locally with Earth Day 2013. Celebrated planet-wide on April 22, this year’s theme is “The Face of Climate Change”. With refugees fleeing environmental disasters in nations across the world, arctic and antarctic ice melting at an unprecedented rate, desertification, droughts, and massive storms, now is the moment for us all to focus on the issue of global warming. On the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, San Luis Obispo will join communities everywhere in their care and praise of Gaia.

– El Chorro Regional Park will hold their annual free event on Sunday, April 21 beginning at 11am. RTA, SCAT and SLO Transit will be running free shuttles all day to the festivities. Climate conscious attendees are encouraged to carpool or ride their bicycles out to the park. This year, the Earth Day Fair will also include a Music Festival with Aaron Och, followed by Burning James & the Funky Flames, Al Millan & the Robots, Natural Incense and Funk in Public on the main stage, and Belly Yellers, SLO Ambassador Bentley Murdock and the Red Willows on the acoustic stage.

An opening ceremony by Pilulaw Khus, Chumash Ceremonial Elder, Medicine Carrier and Clan Mother of the Bear Clan of the Northern Chumash Nation will get the day started. The Fair will include a Clean Energy Zone, Kid’s Area, Eco Marketplace, Health & Well-being Center,Food Court and the Beer & Wine Tents. Special features include Garden Tours, Climate Change slide-show in the Oak Glen Pavilion by Stephen Hansen M.D from the Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

– The 7th annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival will take place starting at 2pm on Saturday, April 20 at Pomar Junction Winery and Vineyard. Over 200 vintners, cheese makers, olive oil producers, growers, and chefs will come together to display the best vittles the Central Coast has to offer. A Winemaker dinner will begin at 6pm with Chef Charles D. Paladin Wayne cooking at the Merrill Family Estate Wine Cellar. The fixed menu is $105 per person ($90 for members). Tunes will be provided by Guy Budd and the Gypsy Souls. Tickets can be bought through their website.

Celebrate Earth Day 2012 in San Luis Obispo by showing your love for Ma Nature this Sunday, April 22 with a number of fun activities throughout the county!

-Get Down to Earth-  San Luis Obispo’s El Chorro Regional Park will be holding their Get Down to Earth shindig as a part of a worldwide recognition of the 42nd annual observance of Earth Day.  Ride the complementary shuttle, bicycle, or carpool to enjoy the free festivities from 10am-5pm.  Check out the booths featuring community organizations, kids activities, for-profit and non-profit businesses, government agencies, and area schools.  The solar powered stage presents the music of Brendan James, Midnight Express, and Up in the Air.  For questions or volunteer applications, contact the Earth Day Alliance at

-Cal Parks Volunteering- Show your planet a little love by offering to spend the day restoring and cleaning one of California’s state parks.  Montana De Oro in Los Osos is still registering volunteers through the California State Parks Foundation.  Workers will be grading, providing drainage repairs and tread maintenance for Coon Creek and Rattlesnake Trails as well as installing a bluff safety fence and native plantings for the Islay Campground.  With budget cutbacks and the possibility of closures, our state parks need as much support as they can manage!

-The Earth Day Food and Wine Festival- Head to Atascadero for the sixth annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, brought to you by the Central Coast Vineyard Team.  The event is held from April 20-22 with the main attraction taking place at the Pomar Junction and Vineyard Winery in Templeton on April 21.  Attending will be over 200 purveyors of local, sustainably produced food and drink, growers, vintners, and chefs.  Live music by the Mother Corn Shuckers will get you dancing and working up a healthy appetite.  Tickets range from $40-100. For details and tickets, visit

Party for the planet! Learn a little something about the environment and have a great time in the process!  What do you do to celebrate our glorious globe?


April 22, 2011 marks the 41st annual Earth Day. Founded during the birth of the environmental movement, Earth Day arose as a symbol of the nation’s new-found ecological awareness. Establishment of the holiday followed the publication of Rachael Carson’s seminal work, Silent Spring in 1962 which exposed the extent of pollution in the United States.  This book was considered a wake-up call to communities across the country as well as throughout the world, selling over 500,000 copies across 24 countries and appearing the New York Times Best Seller List.

During the 70’s, the culture of anti-war and and civil rights activism gave rise to this new environmental consciousness.  After witnessing the catastrophic Santa Barbara, California oil spill in 1969, Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired to join forces with Congressman Pete McCloskey and Denis Hayes to establish Earth Day as a national observance.

The first Earth Day witnessed protests across the country where millions of Americans demonstrated in universities and local government agencies to assert their rights to clean, sustainable living conditions.  These rallies were cited as the impetus for the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.  Today, the Earth Day Network sponsors environmental advocacy projects year-round, including healthy school initiatives, civic leadership programs, climate change awareness, and encouraging women’s rights in the green economy.

This year’s Earth Day is dubbed “A Billion Acts of Green”, themed after their organization’s grassroots campaign to devote pledges to environmental sustainability.  Suggestions for activities range from donating money to fight deforestation through their Canopy Project to Arts for the Earth, a celebration of environmental artists and design competition.  For a complete list of ideas plus downloadable pdf files to help organize and host your own Earth Day celebration, visit the Earth Day Network website.

Bambu Batu’s home city of San Luis Obispo will be celebrating on April 23 in El Chorro Regional Park from 10am-5pm.  The Park — surrounded by the El Chorro Botanical Garden, Steve Weiss AIDS Memorial Grove, and Dairy Creek Golf Course — will host an outdoor village of 15o exhibitor spaces, ten prominent locations, and two stages.  Free admission and transportation by the Regional Transit Authority to the event will be available throughout the county.  Join the global village and honor the planet with some fun outside!