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On the Central Coast our farmers are superstars, and we have the paper to prove it!  Collect and scope out the stats for your local growers with Central Coast Grown’s Farmer Trading Cards.  Each glossy card in the series of ten displays a picture of a San Luis Obispo county soil-slinger with facts about their land, what they grow, where they are located, and a little known piece of trivia.  The cards have been handed out to schools across the county in order to educate children on where their food comes from and what goes into making a meal.

Central Coast Grown strives to support community agriculture through creating customer awareness of the economic, health and social benefits of buying local food.  The organization, established in 2003, offers farm profiles and directions to neighborhood produce stands, links to restaurants committed to sourcing ingredients from their community, and information on where to find the closest and most convenient CSA.

Fresh diary, meat and produce does not need to travel the same distances as many other grocery store products, ensuring a longer shelf-life and less energy loss through refrigeration, processing and transportation.  Money from purchases is cycled directly back into the regional economy, keeps agriculture viable, and preserves open space.  Browsing a farmers market encourages healthy dietary choices of foods high in vitamins, fiber and minerals, and facilitates community interaction.

Show your appreciation for the people who raise your food and ask for an autographed edition of your Farmers Trading Card!