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2011 is well underway, and more than a few things have changed. Mrs. Giffords is showing wonderful signs of recovery, people now feel comfortable openly mocking scientology, and there are rumors of the thirteenth sign of the zodiac. So with things moving forward, I have to wonder if anyone will catch on to the crazy and outlandish concept of baby swinging. Yeah. You read that right.

Technically, it’s called baby yoga. A very fit and outgoing Russian woman, named Lena Fokina is attempting to make the practice a more acceptable and common part of child rearing.

Everyone has heard of baby yoga. But the image it conjures in the mind is a little different than the viral video that has been circulating youtube, where Fokina is swinging a child around by its limbs like a baton. (It’s not been removed from Youtube, but you can still see it here.)

The practice also goes by the name “extreme developmental gymnastics.” Perhaps we can have baby swinging competitions (with energy drink sponsorships.) The idea is that baby hurling speeds up developmental processes such as talking, singing, reading and swimming. In her defense, Fokina claims that she has done this with her own two daughters, who are now wonderfully talented free diving instructors.`

When asked about the American outrage to her youtube video, she responded  “Did they notice that the babies aren’t crying—they’re even laughing—and that this system has been used for over thirty years in Russia and the children are all alive and healthy? If you need more proof, the best thing is to come see us.”

Well, it certainly sounds interesting. Fox News is against it, so it can’t be all bad. Though I have to admit, it’s probably not something people should try at home.

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