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Your mom is strong, versatile, flexible, and multi-talented.  She clothed, fed, and supported you right from your very first days.  Give her a gift that is as nurturing and multifaceted as herself.  Surprise her with something bamboo this Mother’s Day!

Soft- Mom has always shown a great amount of compassion and sensitivity.  Clothe her in silky bamboo with a stylish shawl, luxurious pajama set, or elegant dress.

Strong- Like the sturdy bamboo plant, mom has demonstrated toughness and perseverance.  Remember your teenage years?  Present her with one of our attractive and durable bamboo serving bowls or cutting boards.

Nourishing-  Let her pamper her body and replenish her spirit with our selection of body products and candles!  We feature pure beeswax candles from Big Dipper Wax Works as well as  organic, natural skin body butters by Nourish.

Wise- With an inspirational scroll or stone bearing an insightful quote, you will demonstrate to mom that you have taken her words of wisdom to heart!  A truly thoughtful gift! Choose a saying from the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Rumi, and many, many more!

Flexible- Mom has had to bend over backwards for you.  Let her know you appreciate her flexibility with a soft, stretchy pair of bamboo yoga pants.

Whether it is breakfast in a bed outfitted with our bamboo sheets, or a childhood photo of you in a bamboo picture frame, you are sure to find a meaningful and memorable Mother’s Day gift here at Bambu Batu!