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Do you ever wonder where we come up with all these stories, tips, tidbits, recipes and trivia that we share everyday on our Blog and our FaceBook page? Of course, we pick up an occasional story with our wind-powered radar made entirely from bamboo, which spins around the clock, but what else? Well, truth be told, we actually spend a lot of time searching on the interwebs. Believe it or not, there’s actually quite an amalgamation of useless information lurking inside this invisible media source, but once in a while we strike a nugget of pithy wisdom.

1. When it comes to comprehensive eco-news, few sites can rival the Daily Green. As their name implies, this page is worth visiting on a very regular basis to keep up with issues that matter most to the environmentally conscious.

2. The Tiny Green Bubble provides another voluminous source of news from around the world about environmental living.

3. If you thought you were too poor, too lazy or too insignificant to make meaningful eco-conscious lifestyle choices, here’s a site for you: The Lazy Environmentalist.

4. It’s taken a long time to dispel the myth that going Green will put your business in the Red. Check out the Triple Pundit for the green business news that you might not see on Fox or NBC.

5. For green living design and style tips for your home, take a look at the Pure Green Living Magazine.

6. Looking for an off-the-beaten-path blog about green building, check out the well-informed commentaries of Barry Katz, one of Connecticut’s leading proponents of sustainability and green building.

7. Maybe you can’t dismantle your not-so-friendly neighborhood nuclear power plant, but the Lighter Footstep has a host of practical suggestions on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, easily and affordably, and a thousand reasons why you should.

8. Finally, check out these fun DIY project ideas and useful shopping tips on how to upgrade to a greener lifestyle, from the Green Upgrader. (Including the re-used plastic bottle lighting system pictured above!)

Let us know if you have any favorites that we missed, and in the meantime, stay informed and keep it green!

Being Green is not about a contest, but we could all stand to improve our green status slightly. And now there’s a website dedicated to rating your commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, as well as giving you helpful tips on how to be more green.

Susan Hunt Stevens, the founder of Practically Green, came to realize the importance of a green lifestyle when her infant son was diagnosed with serious allergies to artificial and harmful substances in his environment. It became more than a lifestyle, it became a mission — a mission that drove her to obtain her masters degree in sustainable design.

The aim of Practically Green is to make eco living not only a commonplace convention, but a simpler practice for your average bear. They strive to help those who are trying to be greener, while connecting them to the companies who want to reach them.

You can take the green assessment on their website, get a score on your eco-performance, and receive helpful hints and newsletters about the green industry. I took the test and received a 6 out of 10. I was “solidly green”, but I know I can do better. We all can. Check em out! Then, when you realize you need to be using more sustainable products, pesticide-free clothing and reusable travel utensils, come in and see us!