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Time to inflate your tires, polish your helmet, and squeeze into that old riding spandex!  May is Bike Month in San Luis Obispo, and whether your are a seasoned pro or a beginning biker, there are plenty of fun activities planned for you and your trusty set of wheels. Here are some highlights of the over 60 free events scheduled county-wide during the upcoming weeks:

Commuter Bike Competition- How many friends and coworkers can you motivate to cycle for their commute?  Compete with other local businesses in the same size bracket to see how many miles you can ride to and from the workplace!  Register your company today by visiting the San Luis Obispo Regional Rideshare website.

Kidical Mass- Take the children out on a spin around town with the just-for-kids version of the Thursday, May 3 Bike Happening at 5:30pm.  Costumes are encouraged for this year’s theme of “Rainbows”.  Meet at Mitchell Park and follow the leaders through downtown San Luis Obispo!

Bike to Bites- On Wednesday May 9, head over to Atascadero’s Galaxy Theater for pizza, root beer and a movie!  The ride starts at the Community Center for a quick safety lecture at 3:30pm.

Bike-In Movie-  Leave the car at home for the San Luis Obispo Bike-In Movie on Thursday, May 11 at the Mission Plaza.  A showing of Napoleon Dynamite begins at 7:30 pm under the stars.  Bring snacks, blankets, and a friend!

Bikefest- Arroyo Grande will be holding the Iras Memorial Bikefest on Saturday, May 12 starting with a Bike Parade at the Rotary Bandstand on Nelson St. at 12:30pm.  From there, the party pedals to Branch Street Deli with food, beer from New Belgium Brewing Company, and music from blues and jazz band, Moonpie.

Montana de Oro Group Ride- Take in the scenery on Saturday, May 12 for the Montana de Oro Group Ride.  Meet at the Ranger Station at 1pm to wheel up Hazard Peak Trail.

Tweed Ride- Don’t be surprised to see many a dapper lady and gentleman on Sunday, May 13.  They will be gussied up to take part in the SLO Tweed Ride, beginning at the Triangle Park near the Railroad Station at 1.  Play croquet, listen to music, and munch on crumpets.  Visit the Tweed Ride’s official site for more details and outfit recommendations.

Women’s Bike Workshops- On Monday, May 14, beginning at 6pm, join your sister cyclers for bike workshops and tutorials.  Sign up through the SLO Bicycle Coalition for a free spot and details on time and location.  Sorry, no boys allowed!

World Bike Relief Poker Run- Play a game of chance through downtown San Luis Obispo for a good cause.  Benefiting World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit that provides bicycles to third world nations, participants take off from Central Coast Brewing on Saturday, May 19th at 10am to begin their walk or ride in search of playing cards at local businesses.  Donations are $5 a hand, and there will be prizes, food, and beer on tap.  Stick around for a raffle after the Run!

Cote de Tolosa Velo Challenge III- Tolosa Winery and the SLO Bicycle Coalition host a beautiful 52-mile ride on Sunday, May 20.  The event is free, and leaves the Winery in Edna Valley promptly at 7am.  Lunch is provided for those taking part in the event.  With over 5,000 feet of climbing, this journey is for serious cyclers only.  Register at Tolosa’s events page.

Bike Workshops- Become bike savvy through a day of workshops held at the SLO Bicycle Coalitions Headquarters in downtown San Luis Obispo on Monday, May 21.  The first of a series of lessons begin at 6pm and will go over basic rules of the road, dispel common myths, and provide tips on ow to ease your commute around town.  Stick around for their 7pm session where you will learn basic bike maintenance and repair skills.  Reserve a spot through the SLO Bicycle Coalition website.

Dad’s Big Wheel Race- Bring the best plastic toy ride you can find, haul it to the top of the Jennifer Street Bridge in San Luis Obispo, and race with your fellow costumed crazies.  Padding comes highly recommended for this lighthearted competition on Saturday, May 26 at 3:30 pm.  Dad will award prizes for Hottest Hot Wheel and Coolest Costume.  Move to Gus’s for social hour and bruise-nursing afterward.

Pedal to Paella- Gather at Santa Margarita Park on Sunday, May 27 at 2pm for the fourth annual Pedal to Paella.  Tour the alleyways to wind up at the Educated Gardener Nursery for paella, friends, and music.  Bring your own drinks, dishes, and flatware.  Ingredient donations appreciated.

Bicycle Advocacy Mini-Summit- Learn to make communities more bike friendly through advocacy and awareness on Wednesday, May 30 at 6pm.  Held in the SLO Library Community Room, you can reserve a seat at the discussion through the SLO County Bicycle Coalition.

Bike Month Blowout- Party with your fellow road warriors at the Creeky Tiki in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, June 7 at 6:30pm.  Commuter Bike Competition will be presented, brand new bicycles raffled off, and plenty of food, music, and drinks to fuel your ride for the months ahead!








Celebrate Earth Day 2012 in San Luis Obispo by showing your love for Ma Nature this Sunday, April 22 with a number of fun activities throughout the county!

-Get Down to Earth-  San Luis Obispo’s El Chorro Regional Park will be holding their Get Down to Earth shindig as a part of a worldwide recognition of the 42nd annual observance of Earth Day.  Ride the complementary shuttle, bicycle, or carpool to enjoy the free festivities from 10am-5pm.  Check out the booths featuring community organizations, kids activities, for-profit and non-profit businesses, government agencies, and area schools.  The solar powered stage presents the music of Brendan James, Midnight Express, and Up in the Air.  For questions or volunteer applications, contact the Earth Day Alliance at

-Cal Parks Volunteering- Show your planet a little love by offering to spend the day restoring and cleaning one of California’s state parks.  Montana De Oro in Los Osos is still registering volunteers through the California State Parks Foundation.  Workers will be grading, providing drainage repairs and tread maintenance for Coon Creek and Rattlesnake Trails as well as installing a bluff safety fence and native plantings for the Islay Campground.  With budget cutbacks and the possibility of closures, our state parks need as much support as they can manage!

-The Earth Day Food and Wine Festival- Head to Atascadero for the sixth annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, brought to you by the Central Coast Vineyard Team.  The event is held from April 20-22 with the main attraction taking place at the Pomar Junction and Vineyard Winery in Templeton on April 21.  Attending will be over 200 purveyors of local, sustainably produced food and drink, growers, vintners, and chefs.  Live music by the Mother Corn Shuckers will get you dancing and working up a healthy appetite.  Tickets range from $40-100. For details and tickets, visit

Party for the planet! Learn a little something about the environment and have a great time in the process!  What do you do to celebrate our glorious globe?


When tidepooling along the beach here on the Central Coast, I admittedly like to poke at the marine life.  But what exactly am I pestering?  Enter the Avila Beach Sea Life Center to shed a little light on my adventures in aquatic biology.  Located just south of San Luis Obispo, the Center allows visitors to learn about one of the most fascinating aquatic ecosystems in California.  Open to the general pubic and for schools and birthday parties, the aquarium is a must for anyone interested in science and nature.

For students, the Floating Lab takes participants out onto the open sea where they trawl for plankton, perform sea water chemistry, dissect squid, and observe marine birds and mammals in their natural habitats.  The facility-based Discovery Lab course lets teachers select from a diverse curriculum of fun games, lectures, animal encounters, and interactive activities that teach about the fascinating inhabitants of the Pacific, the importance of a healthy environment, and how we as humans can care for our watery neighbors.

The Avila Sea Life Center is the only public marine education facility between Lompoc and Monterey.  Adult admission is $3, students/seniors $2.  Come take a stroll along the beach, and discover another universe not far from home! (For more information, email

Armed with knowledge and looking for adventure?  Test your smarts and observation skills with some great ocean-side hikes:

– Montana De Oro: This state park in Los Osos offers a number of fantastic bluff and beach trails that provide wonderful views of the ocean, tidepooling, and bird-watching.  If you are lucky, you may even spot a sea otter, sea lion, or whale during their migration season.

– San Simeon:  Famous for its colony of breeding elephant seals,  park and walk several feet to take a gander at one of the ocean’s most impressive marine mammals.  However, be careful not to get too close to the hulking, snorting masses of blubber!  Males are known to be pretty aggressive and are a lot faster than they appear.

– Pismo/Oceano Dunes:  Check out one of the last refuges for the endangered Snowy Plover as well as a number of other ocean and estuary birds.  Take care not to get run over by drivers as the Dunes are one of the last public beaches in California to allow vehicles.

– Pirate’s Cove:  If you are an immodest enough soul to endure a little nudity on this clothing-optional beach located slightly south of Port San Luis, you are almost certain to encounter harbor seals in this sunny, quiet stretch of sand and sea.