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Swan Sisters Tea

The time of year is upon us where the sound of coughs and sneezes are as common as bird calls. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so in the spirit of heading off cold and flu germs at the pass, Bambu Batu is offering free Swan Sisters Winter Warmth Herbal Blend tea with every purchase. This fantastic blend is mixture of organic peppermint, echinacea, ginger, and licorice root for a tonic that will help keep your immune system strong. The mint helps to boost oxygen levels in the blood, the ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, licorice softens mucus membranes, and the echinacea helps prevent sickness and halves recovery time. Stay well this season, compliments of your friendly neighborhood bamboo store and Swan Sisters Tea!

Swan Sisters builds Communi-tea

A local company that launched in 2004, Swan Sisters Tea has a long history of providing delicious, organic and fair trade tea here in San Luis Obispo County. Since Didi Yeh took over the company in 2012, Bambu Batu has enjoyed an increasingly enjoyable partnership with this conscious purveyor of fine beverages. Swan Sisters Tea is a regular feature at Art After Dark, our monthly shindigs that showcase local artists and musicians, the first Friday of each month. Their tea is also featured at special events and in my very own tea cup all throughout the year. Try their Jasmine Pearls or the Crescent Moon herbal blend, and you’ll never look back!

With Fall firmly established and Winter on its way, it is time to start the search for the season’s perfect, warming beverage.  Luckily for San Luis Obispo residents, we have a fantastic resource for some of the highest caliber tea around.

Founded by two sisters with a passion for tea and culture, Swan Sisters Tea is a boutique company that maintains a year-round presence in the US and China in order to ensure the quality of some of the best and rarest leaves in the world.  Each harvest season, Swan Sisters travel to remote regions seeking the most unique and delicious vintages.  To them, tea is a magical beverage that encompasses culture as well as health, ceremony as well as science.  It is the mission of the company to spread the joy of tea and educate the public in an effort to share their passion and promote the drink as a way to live a healthier and more connected life.

Consistent with an environmentally conscious business ethic, Swan Sisters only sources teas that have been grown organically and without the use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.  All packaging is either recycled or reused, leftover tea and cardboard are composted, and press materials are printed with eco-friendly inks.  The farms chosen to supply the company are selected based on the ethical treatment of its workers, meaning that Fair Trade practices are followed and encouraged.  It is the hope of Swan Sisters to coordinate and fund more Fair Trade certifications for their growers in the future.  To ensure freshness, each leaf is hand picked, and the dates of harvest and grade of each tea are carefully marked and recorded.

Bambu Batu is happy to announce Swan Sisters tasting and demonstrations this Saturday, November 26.  Come and sample expertly brewed and beautifully presented varieties, learn a little about the company, and take home a gift for the holidays.  For more information on Swan Sisters, contact Didi Yeh at <> or <>.