The Great Creators… Or Recyclers.

With school about to start for so many young college kids, moving is on the mind of many. Even we here at Bambu Batu are moving in true fall spirit. And of course, with a new space, comes the desire to decorate and make that space your own. As decorating can be expensive, we thought we’d offer a few ways to go green and recycle, while decorating on the cheap.

• “You spin me right round baby, right round!” Records are more than just an audiophile’s preferred way of listening to music. Those black discs (or colored, or clear even) are a hip and versatile way to add some flare to your dorm or room. By heating them up and shaping them, you can make them in to a pretty neat fruit bowl. Or simply take the records themselves and pin them to your wall in a pattern pleasing to you. But before you go opening your dad’s original pressing of his favorite Glenn Miller record and pinning it or melting it, stop by Boo Boo Records. They often have some colorful and interesting records for free out in front, or go digging through their dollar bin. (p.s. the record covers can make cool wall coverings or great material for stencils.)

• If you don’t read magazines, I’m sure you know someone who does. Don’t let them throw them away when they’re done with them. Instead, snake them, and make them in to a spunky collage to put on your refrigerator or wall. Add some personal pictures or a poem, or strips of fabric. Make it colorful or bland. Whatever suits you.

• Empty wine bottles can be more than just the sign of a fun night. Put an all natural soy candle in one, burn it down a bit, and let the wax drip over the glass for and old school appeal, or simply put some water and a single rose in it. Vincent Price would approve of either.

• Got and old bike that’s beyond repair? There are all kinds of ways to make that bike into wall art. From the chain, to the spokes to the wheel, disassemble and play around. Even pictures of bike parts can be pretty artsy.

• Old calendar pages make great posters. (Depending what kind of calendar you have, you may not want to invite your mom over.)

There are a thousand other ways to redecorate while reducing and reusing. Get creative, play, and save the earth. When you run out of ideas, come see us and we’ll hook you up with some earth friendly home decor that’s already assembled! Until then, good luck moving!

Song of the Day: “Movin’ On Up” By Jeff Berry and Ja’net Du Bois

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