Treats without tricks: Healthy Halloween alternatives

Feeling uncomfortable about handing out overly-sugary candy to trick-or-treaters this year?  Before you go out an buy a bag of high fructose corn syrup, consider some fun and tasty alternatives to the usual bowl of holiday diabetes.

Mandarin madness- Create your own mini jack-0-lanterns by inserting cloves into the skins of mandarin oranges. The burst of citrus and spicy smell of cloves will make your mouth water, and the little faces will give your kids an excuse to play with their food.

You must be nuts- Small bags of salted or roasted nuts are a nice, protein-filled alternative to candy bars. Make your own trail mix in small cellophane bags for a personal touch!

Hello honey- Little honey sticks are bright, colorful, sweet, and can be found in health foods stores in bulk.  Support your local beekeeper and enjoy a treat that dates back to antiquity.

Pop culture- Salty, buttery and crunchy, popcorn is a fast and easy treat that is full of fiber.  Stuff freshly popped organic kernels into non-latex gloves with candy corn at the fingertips to make “witches hands” and creep out the neighborhood kids.

Frightening fruit- Hand out some organic or low-sugar juice-boxes to keep the trick-or-treaters hydrated as they hoof it about town.


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