Wallflowers: Green walls for the home


Make your living space a room that actually grows and breathes.  Through some innovative and simple designs, blank walls can be transformed into vertical gardens.  Perfect for adding a novel, green touch to the home, these planters maximize limited space, clean the air, and soothe the soul.

Woolly Pocket- Take advantage of Woolly Pocket’s mountable, soft Wally Planter made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  These water-tight modular units come in individual sacs, miniatures, and horizontal rows of 3 and 5.  Wally Planters come in black, green, and chocolate brown, and can be watered with a long-necked bottle or can.  The built-in reservoir conserves moisture and prevents leaks.  You can also purchase kits that include the planters, drip system, automated timer, and supply line.  Check out their website for inspiration, maintenance and hanging tips, and professional case studies!

Pallet Garden-  DIY enthusiasts will appreciate their tutorial on how to turn an ordinary wooden pallet into a rustic planter box.  With just some staples and landscaping fabric, you will be ready to create a great accent for a patio or balcony.  Add potting soil and plants, and keep the pallet on the ground for a couple of weeks while the roots take hold.  After a month, your new green wall should be ready to hang, water, and enjoy!

Urbio Magnetic Garden-  Fans of organization and modernist design will love Urbio’s Magnetic Garden.  Equipped with neodymium magnets, each pod and vessel easily snaps to the metal wall plate and are strong enough to hold a variety of objects.  Able to be adjusted and rearranged, your potted plants can be moved at a whim.

Florafelt Living Wall Planters- The people at Plants on Walls bring you Florafelt Living Wall Planters.  Available in 4, 8, and 12 pockets, they are made from recycled PET plastic and hang from nylon tabs.  The panels’ microfibers wick water from the top row to the bottom, irrigating the entire set.  Excess moisture is either recirculated or drained away.  Each system includes soaker hose, root wrappers, and plastic mounting panel.  The company also offers framed Vertical Planters which are complete wall systems that water themselves automatically.

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